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The original from Taiwan - now in the heart of zurich

"If the five organs can balance each other out, people will be healthy."

TCM 5 Balance GmH was founded by the Thrapeutin Jia-Zhen Yang with the aim of offering her clients a gentle and at the same time efficient form of treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes the balance between Yin and Yang and the five elements.

We know that five elements correspond to the five most important organs in the human body.

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Therapist Jia-Zhen Yang

Committed to tradition

I have learned from many great TCM masters and have extensive treatment experience for various internal diseases, gynecological disorders, pain, pediatrics and sports injuries.

Setting needles correctly

Besides numerous trainings with TCM masters in Asia, I studied at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. 

Herbs heal

Medicinal herbology is the oldest and most important medicine of mankind. I have specialised in this type of treatment and have dedicated myself to a natural and holistic herbal medicine. With the help of the holistic medical system of Classical Chinese Medicine and the traditions of Western herbalists I would like to re-establish this knowledge.

Do you have any complaints?

What can we do for you?

The complaints and symptoms of our customers are as varied as the people themselves. Through the various possibilities offered by traditional Chinese medicine, we are able to help quickly, easily and effectively.

Talk to us

Will we keep in touch? We are always within reach for you via the various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Web.

best price

Health is priceless. We believe that every person is entitled to good treatment. Our prices are therefore economically reasonable and affordable.


Breaking the language barrier. We can communicate with you in German, English and Chinese.

TCM for all

Young or old, man or woman, fat or thin. The TCM treatment offers everyone the possibility to treat their complaints in the best possible way in harmony with Yin and Yang.


Just a snapshot. We provide you with an exact diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine.


In the heart of Zurich we welcome you to our new practice. Modern and inviting rooms

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Space for health and balance

Our inviting premises are characterized by natural greenery. We focus on healing and create an ambience for it. You will feel comfortable with us and quickly absorb the positive energy. Our treatment rooms are spacious and offer a calm and warm atmosphere.

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Acupuncture incl. combination therapy

Choose your desired date immediately.