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Anna lisa (33), Frauenfeld

"After only two weeks, my sleeping problems have greatly improved..."

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"After my car accident nine years ago, I regularly had severe headaches. I'm finally free of complaints."

Lillian fink (27), Zurich

"After only 6 treatments, my tennis elbow doesn't hurt anymore"
John Wenger
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"Immediate improvement after just one acupuncture."
Heather courtship display
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"After only 4 days, all symptoms were gone"
Melanie Merritt
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My insomnia is now a thing of the past

"I was able to sleep in after years and enjoy my vacation with the family"
Michael Fink (56), Wengen
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"My panic attacks are over. Thanks to acupuncture and herbs, I finally have confidence again.
Ida Simons (32), Amdorf
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