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This checklist can give you initial indications of your state of health. For an exact diagnosis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, please make an appointment. So we can take our time for you and give you a TCM diagnosis.

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A good night's sleep

Easy to fall asleep at night and the sleep quality is good. Can sleep through the night without waking up. People who are over 60 years old have to go to the toilet 1 or 2 times during the night.


Daily bowel movement

A healthy person usually has bowel movements once or twice a day. It is normal if it deviates from this on up to two days.


Often urinate

Urinate several times a day. Normal urine should be light yellow and the liquid should not foam.


Normal appetite

Are you hungry in the morning and would like to have breakfast? For lunch and dinner you will feel a healthy appetite.


Keeping a cool head

A cool head, warm hands and feet all year round. Hands and feet are also warm in winter.


Sweat normally

Normal sweating means: sweating in hot weather or after training. The whole body should sweat evenly. If it takes a long time before you sweat, you sweat for no reason or you only start to sweat on one part of the body, this is usually not normal.


Feel heat or cold

A healthy person is not afraid of heat or cold, and the body does not usually feel cold or hot.


Are you thirsty

Normal thirst means: How often should people be thirsty? It's hard to say. It depends on what work or activities you do. If you work physically outside and sweat a lot or if you talk a lot, you will be thirsty easily; people who sit in the office all day are less thirsty. If you do not have a reasonable reason and yet you are always thirsty or drink too little all the time, this may indicate an abnormal situation and should be investigated.


Menstrual cramps

Healthy women should have their menstruation every 28, 29 days. The duration of menstruation should be between 4-6 days. The amount of blood is neither much nor little. The blood is light red or a little dark and there is no pain. If your menstrual flow is not regular or regular, but not every 28, 29 days, or if you have symptoms during and after menstruation (for example: migraine, bad mood, stomach problems, very tired, weak limbs, poor sleep, constipation, diarrhoea ...) then these signs should be examined more closely.


Erection difficulties

Usually healthy men get an erection every morning. The morning erections of men have nothing to do with sexual desires. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys are responsible for the reproductive system and that each morning erection is sufficient kidney Qi.

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