Treat hay fever alternatively?

According to statistics, more than one million people in Switzerland suffer from hay fever. Everyone knows that hay fever is a pollen allergy. According to modern medicine, allergy sufferers should avoid allergens. But pollen is everywhere in spring. So how can they be avoided? Until now, modern medicine has not found an effective treatment for hay fever. Only anti-allergic drugs are given to you. But anti-allergic drugs only control the symptoms and cannot really cure hay fever. What can people do with hay fever?

Try TCM.

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Symptoms of hay fever

From the point of view of TCM, this is a cold. 

Ms. Yang says, "Treating hay fever is like treating a cold. I use acupuncture to help the patient's blocked meridians recover and I use Chinese herbal medicine to help patients remove pathogenic factors and strengthen their bodies. As long as the patient can be treated for a while, he will be able to enjoy spring again. „

Acupuncture incl. combination therapy

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