Inflamed gums healed

"Within 10 minutes, the pain was almost completely gone.

At a glance:

  • gum inflammation with pain
  • Patient took painkillers but it didn't help much.
  • Only when the patient started with our herbal medicine, she started to feel better.
  • The next day, after small modification of herbal medicine, the patient saw a rapid improvement. 90% of pain was gone. 

A woman's gums had been inflamed for three days. It was especially painful in the evening. Therefore she took painkillers (ibuprofen) for 3 evenings.

On the first and second evening the pain was relieved one hour after taking the painkiller. On the third evening, however, the painkillers did not work. When she came to me, I prescribed her Chinese herbal medicine.

After she had taken these, her pain subsided within an hour and she slept better.

Why was she in so much pain? We can see in the photo that her gums were swollen in the upper left. The swollen gums are the size of a soybean.

When I touched the gums, they were hard. She was very sensitive there and did not want anyone to touch her swollen gums or even her left cheek. She felt that the swelling had caused headaches and also hurt her tonsils.

1 day later she told me that she usually felt less pain in her upper left gums in the morning.

However, the pain would increase from afternoon to evening, especially around 9 pm.

I checked them carefully and added another Chinese herbal medicine to my previous recipe.

10 minutes after taking the drug, 90% of her severe pain had disappeared.

Her swollen gums also shrank within an hour. She was super happy and surprised about this quick result.

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